Flowing through Sacramento, the Lower American River is not a place you are likely to starve or be forced to eat water-logged Power Bars and canned tuna opened with a rock. If you can’t find a grocery store, restaurant, or mini-mart you may have bigger problems than lunch to tackle. That said, here are a few suggestions:

One of the coolest places to feed your face in Sacramento is Corti Brothers supermarket. Founded back in the 1940s, this store is a mecca for the discriminating palatte. Not that you really need the finest serrano ham or oil-cured olives for your riverside picnic, but then again, why not? In addition to a world-class deli, you can get strange soda like Moxie, Italian Amaretti cookies, and tasty bread. Corti Bros also has basic groceries if you prefer a bag of chips, a jar of salsa, and an orange. Located at 5810 Folsom Boulevard, a few blocks off Hwy 50 and well worth the drive.

Insider Tip

Grab a copy of the Sacramento News and Review which should be sitting at any newstand corner. This local publication will have recent restaurant reviews and plenty of suggestions for Sacramento’s best burgers, pho, pita pockets, and Persian kabobs.


It’s easy to find standard places like Raley’s, Chevy’s, and fast food in Sacramento, so here’s another interesting local place you can mine for an outstanding river picnic. David Berkeley’s Fine Foods in the Pavillions shopping center has tasty deli options, pastries, and exotic beverages that will give your float trip on the Lower American a truly swanky vibe. They are at 515 Pavillions. Or, call them at (800) 992-2990.

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