Whitewater & Scenery

207084600_b914b40013Wilderness Run

Located in the Blue Ridge Mountains north of Lake Berryessa, the drive on Route 16 can be very pleasant in early spring when the almond trees are blooming. his section feels remote and the current moves quickly through the class II riffles. This section has a single long, steep and rocky class III rapid called Mad Mike at the end of the run occurs after a left-hand bend. Portage is possible on both sides.

Rumsey Run

This is the most popular section of Cache Creek. Makes for an enjoyable one-day float for novice boaters. Class II-III rapids occur immediately. Watch for the low water bridge across the entire creek and portage on left. Taft’s Tumble, Rowboat and Rock Garden are the big class III rapids on this stretch and are even spaced over the 8 mile run.

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