Lower Klamath

Bird’s Eye View

Of all the class III river trips in California, the Lower Klamath is probably best experience in terms of getting away from civilization and spending some time in the wilderness. No matter how remote the canyon though, only YOU can make the choice to leave your Blackberry at home so keep that in mind.

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Lower Klamath River Whitewater Photo Gallery


California Whitewater

The Lower K in a Nutshell

Difficulty: Class II-III

Gradient:Less than 15 ft/mi

Length: 120 Miles, various shorter sections

Season: May – September

Put-in: Sarah Trotten Campground

Take-out: Weitchpec or Sommes Bar

Who should go: Families, school groups, fishermen, anyone who loves multi-day wilderness river trips.

California Whitewater

Whitewater & Scenery

Whitewate & Scenery The Lower Klamath is typically a multi-day trip. The rapids are fun, but the scenery is definitely the bigger highlight. If you are looking to amp up the action, try navigating the rapids in an inflatable kayak.

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River Flows

River FlowsThe Lower Klamath is dam-controlled and flows throughout the summer. Many grassroots and non-profit orgs are working to get the Klamath dams removed and restore the river for fish and wildlife.

Learn more about Lower Klamath Flows.

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LogisticsPermits are required to run the Lower Klamath, as are fire permits and fishing licenses.

Keep reading about Lower Klamath Logistics.

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Lower Klamath Video


Watch a Lower Klamath video before you see it up close.

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Places to Eat, Places to Stay
& Things To Do

Places To EatPlaces To StayThings To Do

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Local Gear Shops

Local Gear ShopsBuy gear and other supplies for your whitewater trip on the Lower Klamath in Redding, Arcata, Happy Camp, or Online.

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