The Forks of the Kern is a premier wilderness run that should only be attempted as a private trip by experienced Class V rafters and kayakers. A commercial rafting outfitter will take care of all the complicated logistics such as hiring a mule train to haul your heavy gear to put-in. Since the Forks is usually a 2-day trip, there is a lot of gear and having someone else (ie mules) carry it will make your trip much more enjoyable. An outfitter will also provide delicious meals, highly experienced guides, rafting equipment, permits, and shuttles.

Outfitter Tip

Because there are so many logistics for running a rafting trip on the Forks, it’s well worth saving your change and going with a commercial outfitter. Additionally to getting permits, hiring a mule train, and cooking amazing meals, river guides have experience rafting on the hard Class IV and V rapids on the Forks.

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