imgp0299While a rafting trip on the Trinity River is logistically pretty straightforward, if you’re looking to do the Burnt Ranch stretch, or if you have minimal experience and want to raft on Pigeon Point or the Lower Trinity, definitely book with a commercial outfitter. Their trained professional guides know the rapids, the water levels, and will take care of all the logistics such as shuttles and lunch. Why not just skip the hassle of planning a private trip and let someone else take you on an amazing adventure vacation?

Summer Rafting Tip

The Trinity River is one of the best summertime rafting options because it’s dam controlled and has consistent flows throughout the summer. Try doing the Pigeon Point run one day for a warm-up and then the Burnt Ranch section the next day for an amazing adrenaline rush and some incredible scenery!

Permitted Outfitters on the Trinity River

Bigfoot Rafting

Living Waters

Redwoods & Rivers

River Dancers

River Dancers


Trinity River Rafting

Turtle River Rafting Co.

Wilderness Adventures

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