Six commercial outfitters are permitted to run the Tuolumne River. Commercial outfitters take care of all the logistics and hard labor such as shuttles, equipment, food, cooking, permits, groovers (portable toilets), and rowing heavy boats down the river. Being on a commercial trip allows you plenty of time to relax, soak up the scenery, swim, hike, feast, drink wine, take pictures, read a book, and have an amazing vacation. Two to three commercial trips launch each day. Contact the outfitters to find out what their available dates are.

Outfitter Tip

Going with an outfitter with turn a rafting trip on the Tuolumne River into a full-on relaxing, fun, adventure vacation. Everything from logistics, to food, to shuttles will be taken care of for you, plus you’ll get to spend time with river guides who know an incredible amount of information about the Tuolumne River.


Permitted Outfitters on the Tuolumne River

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